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In Florida, a time sharing schedule outlines the time each parent will have with the child such as weekends, holidays and vacations. By developing a comprehensive and thoughtful time sharing schedule, you can avoid future conflict and get the time you and your child need together.

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A knowledgeable Winter Park time sharing lawyer can help you develop a time sharing plan that is custom-tailored to the needs of your family. I am Sherea-Ann Ferrer, and I have been helping clients with child custody issues in the Orlando, Florida, area for more than 10 years. I am experienced at crafting time sharing schedules and parenting plans for families going through a divorce, a paternity action or a separate custody matter.

Time Sharing Factors

There are more than 20 factors a court will consider when determining if a time sharing schedule is appropriate. Some of the questions a court may ask include:

  • Will the parents be able to stick with the time sharing plan? Will they be reasonable about making changes in the future?
  • How will parental responsibilities be divided? Will any third parties take some responsibility?
  • How long has the child lived in a stable environment such as his or her home or school? Would it be better to keep the child there?
  • Is a lot of travel required for visitation? Will a parent be moving out of state?
  • Are the parents mentally and physically healthy? Are the parents morally fit to care for the child?
  • If the child is old or mature enough, what is the child's preference?
  • Are the parents willing to communicate openly about the child and any issues that may arise, such as education or health issues?
  • Is there evidence of abuse or neglect? Do the parents have an alcohol or drug problem?

Circumstances do change. If you need to modify an existing time sharing plan or court order, I can help you.

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I am dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of my clients in custody and visitation matters. I can help you negotiate or, when necessary, litigate a time sharing plan that meets your goals for the future and the unique needs of your family.