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If you are considering relocation to another state or another area of Florida that is 50 miles or more away, you must seek permission from the other parent and notify the court. If you are a parent who is seeking to prevent the other custodial parent from moving away with your child, I am a Winter Park parental relocation attorney who can help. My name is Sherea-Ann Ferrer, and I have been helping my clients assert their rights and protecting the interests of children in family law matters since 2000.

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Moving Without Permission Can Damage Your Rights to Your Children

If you move without permission of the other parent and you have a court order or visitation schedule with the other parent, the other parent can get a court order to make you move back. The worst case scenario is that the other parent can seek to gain custody and you lose custody. It is more helpful to speak to an attorney first to make sure you follow correct procedure from the start.

Is the Move in the Child's Best Interest?

Judges base their decisions on whether or not to allow a parent to relocate with his or her child on whether the move will be in the best interest of the child. It is important to have a lawyer who has a good understanding of the issues that a judge will consider in relocation matters and who has experience in the courts within which you will need to seek a solution to your problem.

Do It Right the First Time

Even if the other parent agrees, an attorney can help make sure that you follow all the procedural steps and fulfill all the notice requirements to the other parent and to the court, including the address to which you are moving, all contact information and a new visitation schedule. This should all be filed in the court file so you can prove that you did follow the proper steps.

Relocation and Support Modification

Relocations can involve child support modifications if you have a substantial time-sharing arrangement. If you time share or your parent time is shared six out of 14 nights but after the move this will no longer be an option, your move or the other parent's move may trigger modifications. Noncustodial parents need to file modifications of visitations as well to protect their parenting rights.

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