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Paternity actions occur when a father wants to confirm that a child is his or when a mother seeks to establish a child support order. For a father, establishing paternity allows the legal right to parent a child. It also obliges the father to provide child support for the child.

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It is helpful to talk to a Winter Park paternity lawyer so that you can make informed decisions about how you want to proceed with your child support, paternity, custody, and parenting time or other family law concern. My name is Sherea-Ann Ferrer, and I have extensive experience in legal matters relating to establishing paternity, disestablishing paternity and paternity defense. For the past 10 years, the entire focus of my Winter Park legal practice has been on family law. I am here to help you.

Questions and Concerns

  • I "admitted" that I am the father, but how do I disestablish paternity now that new evidence has made it clear I am not the father?
  • I have raised my minor child without child support. However, I was laid off and need financial help. How do I get a court order to establish paternity so that I can obtain child support?
  • I am really concerned about establishing paternity with the father of my child. He is an alcoholic, and I don't believe he should have access to my baby. Can I establish paternity without allowing visitation?
  • I was not the father but legally accepted that I was the father anyway. Now I've changed my mind. Can I disestablish paternity?

Have You Been Served a Child Support Petition?

If you have been served with a child support petition, it is important to take a paternity test first to definitively establish or disestablish paternity. Doing it right the first time can avoid heartache and other problems later on if it turns out that you are not the father.

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Whether you have concerns about what paternity establishment may mean for your child or how that may affect your financial situation, Winter Park paternity lawyer Sherea-Ann Ferrer can provide you with answers, guidance and advocacy.

I understand that the economy is in a downturn, and I will work with you on a payment plan if you need this type of arrangement.