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There are many reasons why people seek to modify a child support, child custody or an alimony order. Modifications can be ordered when the judge agrees that there has been a substantial change in the circumstances of your life since the last order of the court.

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Whether you have questions about what a modification would entail, are seeking to increase child support payments, or want to make a change in the custody and visitation order schedule, my Winter Park child support modification law office can help. My name is Sherea-Ann Ferrer, and I have more than 10 years of experience helping my clients obtain or defend against modifications throughout central Florida.

I offer a free, 10-minute telephone consultation to new clients. Please feel free to call me to schedule your consultation about defending against or obtaining a modification.

Child Support

Modifications of child support revolve around significant increases or decreases in income of either parent. Other increases or decreases in support can pertain to a child whose needs have substantially changed. As a Winter Park child support modification lawyer for more than 10 years, I can provide you with guidance you can count on.

Child Custody and Time Sharing

There must be substantial changes in circumstances to file a change in the custody and visitation order. For instance, a mother or father may be unfit to parent, a custodial parent may need to travel overseas or travel frequently for a job, or a parent may seek a change in custody based on relocation and time-sharing issues.


Alimony orders can be modified upward or downward, depending on the nature of the situation. To obtain a modification, however, requires proof of a substantial change in the circumstances of either the paying ex-spouse or of the ex-spouse receiving alimony.

There is no magic formula that determines a modification in order. The judge must think that the change in your circumstances is substantial in order to agree.

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I offer a free, 10-minute telephone consultation to new clients. We can discuss your concerns about modifications or any other family law matter. I am prepared to assist you at every stage of a modification.