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In Florida, family law court judges establish time sharing and custody according to what is in the best interest of the child. There are more than 20 factors that the courts consider when determining visitation and time-sharing schedules. Whether you are unmarried parents, you are dealing with paternity issues or you are going through a divorce, it is important to have an attorney who knows how to establish the facts that fit the factors. And while each case deals with mothers, fathers and children, each case is different.

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I am a divorce and family law attorney representing my clients in custody matters, paternity matters and support matters since 2000. My goal in every situation is to provide skilled, aggressive legal counsel and compassionate, personal client service that is affordable. And as many of my clients have struggled financially in recent years, I offer payment plans.

As a Winter Park and Orlando child custody lawyer for 10-plus years, I have deep experience representing parents who are dealing with difficult situations like these:

  • My child's other parent won't let me see my child. She won't let my child stay overnight. We need to work out a parenting time arrangement that allows me to see my child.
  • I want supervised visitation between my child's other parent, and there are reasons to restrict visitation.
  • I need to modify the custody arrangement.

Types of Parental Responsibility (Formerly Called Child Custody)

  • Shared Parenting Responsibility: Both parents share in all major decisions.
  • Sole Parenting Responsibility: One parent makes all decisions.
  • Ultimate Parental Responsibility: The court can award one person responsibility to determine specific issues relating to a child's upbringing, including decisions about choice of religion and education.

Whether one parent has shared or sole parenting responsibility, the other parent can still get time sharing or visitation.

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