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It is important to get help from a lawyer when you are going through a child support, department of revenue matter, divorce or other family law matter. These cases can have an enormous effect on your life, your finances, your ability to parent your child and your future. The support process can be confusing, and mistakes can have negative effects for years to come.

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I am Sherea-Ann Ferrer. As a family law attorney since 2000, I have a sound understanding of support law and a compassion for people who are dealing with difficult family law matters. I use my knowledge and my skills to seek to achieve my clients' goals in the most cost-effective way I can. You have my word that I will treat your case with the attention that it requires at every stage of your case.

I Will Answer Your Child Support Questions

Child support in Florida is calculated according to the child support guidelines. I can help you understand how the formula will affect your child support payments.

I can answer your questions and concerns regarding child support, including:

  • How can custody and time sharing schedules affect the amount of support paid?

  • If I relocate as the custodial parent, lessening the amount of time the other parent spends with our child, does the other parent have the right to seek reduced support?
  • In this tough Florida economy, I have been laid off and can no longer afford not to seek child support from the father/mother. How can you help me find him/her to collect child support?
  • How can I hold him/her accountable for child support that is years overdue?
  • How can you help me track the father down, and establish paternity ?
  • Can alimony affect the amount of child support I pay or receive?
  • I was laid off and cannot pay child support. How can I obtain a modification to reduce the amount of support I am paying?
  • How can you provide me with affordable guidance that I can trust?

Child Support Orders That Start With Money That Is Already Overdue

There are many child support orders in which a person may be ordered to start paying child support that is overdue. This means that child support may not end when the child turns 18 because the money is being applied to the arrears. I can help you understand your rights and obligations under an existing child support order or help you bring an action for child support.

Department of Revenue Defense

I also represent clients who have been served with child support matters by the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue enforces, collects and disperses child support throughout Florida.

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All of my efforts are centered around helping my clients find solutions that are affordable, effective and serve their needs and the needs of their families. Please call to arrange an appointment to discuss your family law issue.